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Tryouts for the North Canton Gym are the week May 12-17th. Columbiana May 19th - 21st. Call the gym for details.

NEO Allstars




The Heartbeat of a Champion…
You carry the heartbeat of a champion. You may not fully recognize it, but it is within you, wherever you go. Its beat is your winning spirit.
Within you lies teamwork and potential. Uncover it. Own it. Let this heartbeat push your full potential to forge your own talents and goals. Now you are ready to become a champion. The heartbeat will guide you on your way.
See yourself wearing the red, black, and gold. Feel it, enjoy it and know its value. This uniform is your permission to achieve your goals and dreams. The secret of winning is, first, you must believe in the NEO heartbeat...




Interested in cheering for the longest running All-Star program in Ohio!



We live, breathe and dream one heart beat! The gym is our second home and our teammates are our sisters and brothers. Our coaches are like our moms and dads pushing us to our full potential. We can make possible whatever we set our minds to do, all it takes is dedication and the will to practice like the champions we are everyday! This year, nothing can stop us ♥    Maddie O. 


If you are interested in a cheer team we still have room on a few teams.  Contact us at  



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